Since 1988 Med A/Rx has provided a new way to think about revenue cycle management for the healthcare financial professional. We have combined the power of a state of the art accounts receivable management firm with a highly sophisticated healthcare financial consulting team. Through our companies MedEBO Solutions, PMAB and MBOC respectively, we take a holistic approach to your revenue cycle, whether your organization is concerned about coding and denial tracking, or needs outside help to get receivables back on track, our highly specialized teams can assist you deliver superior results for your bottom line.
By embracing technology, we have radically changed the face of outsourced A/R management at MedEBO Solutions and PMAB. Working closely with MBOC, we have created a proprietary account scoring algorithm that allows us to segment the A/R data and create a superior patient contact rate. We then feed this data into our state-of-the-art predictive dialer which leads directly to a higher close rate and maximized internal cash flows for our clients. 
Through a traditional healthcare consulting approach at MBOC, we work with your organization to achieve best practices and ultimately improve the quality of your receivables as they move through your system.
MBOC, MedEBO Solutions and PMAB, although being very different in their physical deliverables, are very much interrelated in the Med A/Rx family. The analytical skills and quantitative analysis performed by MBOC drive the work processes for PMAB. 
Another member of the Med A/Rx family is our data analytics company, Medspan Technologies. We have created a suite of professional grade analytic tools designed to find and quantify your 835 denial issues and provide a workflow platform that will allow you to attack and monitor them head on. 
Through the power of Cloud Based computing, we are enabling large physician groups and hospital organizations to thoroughly analyze their 835 files and take actionable steps that will greatly improve cash flow and reduce A/R days. Medspan’s 835 analyzer tools are easy to set up and are customizable to deliver data the way you wish to see it. From financial dashboards to email and text alerts we can push the analysis to you in real-time so decisions are easier to make. 
Med A/Rx was created to extract all the power and synergies from its’ sister companies, MedEBO Solutions, PMAB, MBOC and Medspan Technologies. We firmly believe that by using our hybrid model approach, advanced analytical tools housed under our consulting arm, MBOC and Medspan Technologies, when teamed up with the state-of-the-art business intelligence tools and people at MedEBO Solutions and PMAB, delivers unmatched results for our clients. Whether you need a full consulting engagement or just need extra resources to keep your cash flow in line, Med A/Rx has the people, processes and technologies to service your needs.
Key Features:
  • Business Intelligence tools
  • Oaisys TRACER
  • Account Scoring Algorithm
  • Collection Resources Software (CRS)
  • Advanced letter and statement technology
  • Integrated Mercury Predictive Dialer and Outbound IVR
  • Compliance Software
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Based 835 analyzer tools (Denials Management)
  • Unique Hybrid EBO Model
  • Extensive A/R Management Experience


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