The MedA/Rx® collection arm, PMAB, LLC provides state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality accounts receivable management and collection services for medical financial professionals with our MedCollect solution.

PMAB is committed to protecting the public image and reputation of our clients while striving to maintain the highest performance rating based on our clients’ requirements and expectations. Through MedCollect, we will lower our clients’ account receivables and collection costs by having a prorated competitive fee schedule, again while being dedicated to staff excellence.

Our staff is professionally trained and adheres to the standards and ethics of the American Collectors Association and the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. PMAB has been approved as a Certified Agency through the ACA International Agency Certification Program.

PMAB has built its infrastructure with a technological and personnel capacity for rapid growth, while maintaining the highest standards of customer service for our clients. PMAB's professional approach to revenue recovery is designed to get clients paid, while assuring that both clients and customers are treated with the utmost respect. PMAB wants to be the extension of your business office that provides value and bottom line results.




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