MedA/Rx® provides a suite of RCM services to help clients make end-to-end improvements in the performance of the revenue cycle, including hybrid extended business office (EBO) services, collections, consulting, and data analytics tools.  MedA/Rx® differentiates its services along several dimensions, including the structure of its delivery teams, its dynamic reporting capabilities, and the integration of technology to improve performance.


MedPDI - Our Payment Due Identification solution that can assist healthcare providers recover more money up front and avoid higher recovery costs on the back end. This service provides registration data, such as insurance verification, verification of current patient deductible amounts, verification of remaining coinsurance balances and automated patient notification of payment due upon arrival for service(s).


MedEBO™ - Our extended business office services focuses on resolving AR before it is written off to bad debt. From insurance balances to self pay, we offer a wide range of services designed to be a true extension your office.


MedCAP - MedA/Rx’s Conversion Assistance Program allows a healthcare organization’s staff to focus on moving onto their new system environment while we provide a steady cash flow from their existing legacy AR.


MedCollect™ - Through PMAB, we provide state-of-the-art collection services to hospitals and large physician organizations.


MedConsult™ - Through MBOC, our consulting services focus on getting you back on track. . We provide an outside view to your internal operations, giving insight to a best practices approach to revenue cycle management.


MedSpan™ - Our data analytics tool provides a cloud based solution for managing your denied claim process.



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